How to find right Domain Name for your Business?

Starting a new company? or you already have an established offline business and now looking to get a domain name then there are number of things to consider before selecting domain name for your business.

  • Pronounceable
  • Short & Simple
  • Brandable
  • Make it intuitive
  • Avoid trademark infringement
  • Domain TLD .com or other?


Always select a domain and company name which is easy to remember and pronounce. The easy the domain name is the better you will be able to get more attraction and people will tend to recall your company name when they need such service. It can be you or their friends they will simply put your company name in front of them right away only if its easy to pronounce and memorable domain name.

Short & Simple

Short & simple domain names are tend to easy to remember. This will help you a lot in many ways, its easy to type, easy to remember and people will tend to recall your company when they need you or your services.

The shorter the domain name the better way to brand it!

Due to rise of smartphones it will help a lot in utilizing the short domain name for your company. They will type your domain name right away without any issue and reach you easily! So the shorter it is the better!


The domain name and business name should be brandable. Your company name should be sound like a brand, that means you must not use the hyphens and numbers as they do not represent the brand and ends up with cluttered business name. Always choose a name which represents what you do so that people can easily remember it and found your online business easily.

For example Goolge, MSN and Yahoo. They are now big brands and we know what these sites represent and what they do. Similarly Godaddy did amazing job for the domain registration and they have 45019499 domains under management. So we know what Godaddy does.

Make it intuitive

Intuitive company and domain name helps to identify the users what you actually do. This will helps a lot people to find out what you actually do. So make sure the domain name is very intuitive and it should represent what you do.

Avoid trademark infringement

Trademark infringement is one of the major things to consider when you select a company name. Always avoid it as much as possible. Never go for similar or close to other trademarks name its better to buy services on Fiverr. It will hurt you in the long run. They might take legal action against you. So its good to avoid such scenarios and always check whether the name you are selecting is not own by anyone else so that no such issues arise.

Domain TLD .com or other

TLD matters a lot nowadays, prefer to go for .com TLD. However, since Google prefer localized domain names more instead of global domain name. Like if you are in Pakistan and looking to launch your website than you can buy a or .pk extension. This will helps you to select a good short domain name for your business and it also helps you to rank better among other domain names due to localized TLD extension. So always choose what you are going to provide and where you are targeting. Even local TLDs can work for international clients too!

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