How to find right Domain Name for your Business?

Starting a new company? or you already have an established offline business and now looking to get a domain name then there are number of things to consider before selecting domain name for your business.

  • Pronounceable
  • Short & Simple
  • Brandable
  • Make it intuitive
  • Avoid trademark infringement
  • Domain TLD .com or other?


Always select a domain and company name which is easy to remember and pronounce. The easy the domain name is the better you will be able to get more attraction and people will tend to recall your company name when they need such service. It can be you or their friends they will simply put your company name in front of them right away only if its easy to pronounce and memorable domain name.

Short & Simple

Short & simple domain names are tend to easy to remember. This will help you a lot in many ways, its easy to type, easy to remember and people will tend to recall your company when they need you or your services.

The shorter the domain name the better way to brand it!

Due to rise of smartphones it will help a lot in utilizing the short domain name for your company. They will type your domain name right away without any issue and reach you easily! So the shorter it is the better!


The domain name and business name should be brandable. Your company name should be sound like a brand, that means you must not use the hyphens and numbers as they do not represent the brand and ends up with cluttered business name. Always choose a name which represents what you do so that people can easily remember it and found your online business easily.

For example Goolge, MSN and Yahoo. They are now big brands and we know what these sites represent and what they do. Similarly Godaddy did amazing job for the domain registration and they have 45019499 domains under management. So we know what Godaddy does.

Make it intuitive

Intuitive company and domain name helps to identify the users what you actually do. This will helps a lot people to find out what you actually do. So make sure the domain name is very intuitive and it should represent what you do.

Avoid trademark infringement

Trademark infringement is one of the major thing to consider when you select a company name. Always avoid it as much as possible. Never go for similar or close to other trademarks name. It will hurt you in the long run. They might take legal action against you. So its good to avoid such scenarios  and always check whether the name you are selecting is not own by anyone else so that no such issues arises.

Domain TLD .com or other

TLD matters a lot now a days, prefer to go for .com TLD. However, since Google prefer localized domain names more instead of global domain name. Like if you are in Pakistan and looking to launch your website than you can buy a or .pk extension. This will helps you to select a good short domain name for your business and it also helps you to rank better among other domain names due to localized TLD extension. So always choose what you are going to provide and where you are targeting. Even local TLDs can work for international clients too!

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how to win playing scratch cards without leaving home

how to win playing scratch cards without leaving home

solitaire unblocked is a simple, fun game that can be very lucrative. There is no simpler way to sum up the famous scratch cards, famous game throughout the national territory and true record of sales across the country. Did you know that scratch cards also invaded the internet? It’s time to learn how to win by playing scratch cards without leaving the house.

Scratch cards, almost a national passion

Sold in any lottery house in the country, scratch card games are almost a national passion. And their appeal is as simple as fun: just buy a card and scratch in the marked area. If the player finds the necessary combination, he will take home a great prize described in this card.

Great news for those who like to play the famous scratch cards is that today it is not necessary to even leave the house to find these games online, with the most varied prizes and the most varied themes.

How to Play Scratch Cards Online

For those looking for a great place to play scratch cards online without leaving home for is the best request on the market. The site has a large casino area with roulette, black jack, poker, baccarat, slot games and many online scratch cards.

Anyone who wants to play just needs to make a quick registration that will already have access to a world of fun online with several gifts already in this first moment.

– Play scratch cards with bonuses and promotions

In addition to the wide variety of games available in world of solitaire site, the site also differentiates itself in the market because of its great bonuses and promotions offered to the clients, be they new or old in the house.

For new customers the website has a great advantage: nothing less than free credits to know the site and be able to play without having to make any deposit on the site. And after that the user still earns a great 100% bonus for their first deposit as a welcome gift.

Old customers also always find important promotions on the site, such as promotions that bring bonuses to deposits or incredible physical prizes such as televisions, tablets and cell phones.

The Secrets to Snapchat’s Success

The Secrets to Snapchat’s Success

Snapchat, the third most well known social application among recent college grads, is presently at an expected $20 billion valuation in 2016. The extremely popular social application has indicated colossal development throughout the years since its underlying dispatch in 2011 and has an amazing 150 million day by day dynamic clients around the world. The inquiry remains, what has prompted Snapchat’s prosperity? Is it only a craze? Eventually, what can different organizations gain from their noteworthy flourishing?

Millennial Gold

Some portion of Snapchat’s developing achievement is likely connected to their objective statistic. More than 71 percent of snapchat clients are younger than 35. Also, as most advertisers know, more youthful populaces tend to drive patterns. They hold the most purchasing power, they are versatile, and they are most ready to embrace new stages. In spite of the fact that, does that mean Snapchat may simply be a craze?


Legitimate Real-Time Moments

It is a substantial inquiry to think about whether Snapchat is only a craze, yet specialists suspect something, and here is the reason. Not at all like other social applications, Snapchat has taken advantage of an adjustment in purchaser conduct. Clients never again need to communicate their life updates to everybody. Rather, Snapchat is a stage that enables clients to be particular and plays on an expanded want to have balanced or one-to-couple of ongoing correspondence.You can also save snapchat videos with SaveMySnaps  With Snapchat’s separating highlight, vanishing video messages and photographs, it gives simply enough bona fide data to clients to share a minute, not much or less. Correspondingly, Snapchat can be the ideal brand augmentation. Brands can share valid, constant minutes that include the working environment, occasions, or even new item. The 24-hour time restrain additionally gives their adherents a feeling of earnestness, which each brand endeavors to make.

Client Privacy

Snapchat sees precisely what their intended interest group needs, and after that conveys only that. A portion of these needs are client security and cautious informing. As specified previously, the minutes that clients share exist for only a most extreme of ten seconds. On the off chance that they are shared to their stream, or what Snapchat calls a “story”, they are perceptible for 24 hours. Along these lines, “snapchatters” feel safe when they utilize the application since Snaps are forever erased after a set timeframe. Moreover, in the event that you overlooked, sense of duty regarding anything is dreaded and maintained a strategic distance from no matter what among twenty to thirty-year-olds. Clients eventually appreciate the capacity to keep away from their dread of responsibility.

Portable Focus

Something splendid about Snapchat is that they have kept up their portable core interest. Snapchat was particularly intended for versatile and stays to be portable particular. Very few other social destinations, for example, Facebook and Twitter can state the same. Furthermore, with the ascent in portable use, their sense of duty regarding versatile has demonstrated to work to support them.

What Can We Learn From Snapchat?

Snapchat has, how twenty to thirty-year-olds say, killed the diversion. They considered their intended interest group, benefited from developing patterns in the way individuals want to impart and gave highlights that provide food most to their intended interest group, for example, client security and adjustable highlights. They have effectively played on an intrinsic tribal inclination for continuous correspondence that can be seen broadly and universally through utilization of pictures, recordings, content, and different channels. To put it plainly, Snapchat is an ideal case of an organization that comprehends their identity taking into account while being versatile to developing patterns.


Things to Do with a Log Cabin for this upcoming Winter

Log lodges are likely the most famous pattern in the land today. Individuals are enamored with these dazzling abodes, particularly as the McMansions that are so normal keep on spreading the nation over. Who needs to live in something so economically made, particularly when it looks precisely the same as each other exhausting house on the piece?

In any case, one of the downsides about log lodges is that they do require more upkeep. It is justified, despite all the trouble, particularly while thinking about esteem and lastingness. All things considered, a log lodge can keep going for ages, where an inexpensively influenced house to can go to pieces before the home loan is even paid.

Here are five things you should do with a log lodge in winter to keep it in tip-top condition.

Investigate The Outside

The outside of your lodge is the place issues are well on the way to happen. Climate can genuinely wear out the state of the outside and in regions where the atmosphere is more extraordinary, it is most noticeably awful. Soggy is particularly terrible for wood, which can spoil or twist, however, daylight can cause splits and dryness in the logs.

Each new season it is vital that you complete an examination to ensure there are no looming issues that could cause issues. For example, you may see a thumb estimated region of one of your dividers it delicate and presses internal. This is an indication of spoil and once it has begun it can rapidly become wild. Or on the other hand, possibly you see a board that has to swell out. This is wood twisting, for the most part, caused by dampness behind the wood that has made it extend outward.

Getting these things previously the snow falls makes it less demanding to supplant or repair anything that should be, It additionally allows you to restain, something you ought to do to the wood each three to five years.

Examine The Inside

Once the outside is secure the time has come to go inside to perceive what may be done there. A log lodge is really strong and comfortable, so ideally you won’t keep running into any issues. However, there are some that are conceivable to run over so you ought to dependably be careful in your examinations.

The primary issue to pay special mind to is indications of vermin. As the climate turns colder, diverse animals will look for protection from the chill. Mice, creepy crawlies, arachnids and even little well evolved creatures like raccoons could be attempting to discover a route into your home as you read this. When they get in they can wreak ruin, particularly those that have tunneled into the wood like termites. They can make harm your home, because of scratching, gnawing, tunneling and squander.

Search for any indications of these critters. Go to the little regions of the house, similar to dull corners, unused rooms, wardrobes, storm cellars, lofts or crawlspaces. Put two or three obstruction techniques around your home to keep anything from the traverse.

On the off chance that you do discover indications of a pervasion, either bug bomb/shower yourself, or contact an exterminator who can lay out traps or treat for you. The sooner in the season, you complete it, the better.

Pre-Spring Clean

We have all known about Spring Cleaning, however, Pre-Spring Cleaning might be much more pivotal.Seasons effects our mood as well you may have a question that what controls traits and inheritance? On the off chance that your home isn’t prepared for the winter it isn’t prepared for you to settle in and be open to amid the cold months ahead.

This incorporates expelling all tidy, shape and soil from inside your home, refreshing rooms that aren’t as generally utilized, cleaning rugs or finishing hardwood floors, putting away things for hotter months and cleaning/planning ones for the colder and opening the chute to your chimney and ensuring it is spotless and prepared to go.

This may appear like a considerable measure of work, yet it will guarantee your winter is a wonderland and not a bad dream.

Clean and Cover Gutters

Your canals will be a noteworthy wellspring of issues in the event that you don’t get them routinely cleaned. When they move down with garbage it enables rain and snow to accumulate and flood or to remain stale and spoil the wood of your log lodge until the point that it is gotten out. You need to ensure that never happens thus get them out at regular intervals.

For winter you won’t have any desire to go out on a stepping stool and hazard falling on the ice. So you should clear them toward the start of the season and be ensuring there are no leaves still on trees adjacent where they could drop in.

To keep any further flotsam and jetsam you can get canal covers. These little wonders enable you to snap them over the best, some attractively and some utilizing little fastens. This keeps things out and secures them through the winter.

You can likewise add an extender to the delete pipe. It will send water to encourage from your home and shield water from working at the base of your log lodge, where it can harm the wood and establishment.

Climate strip Your Log Cabin

Need to keep comfortable as the climate gets colder and colder? Ceasing holes and drafts is a decent method to do it. Climate stripping will trap hot air in your home and shield it from letting out through breaks under the entryways, around windows and even through your stack, upper room or storm cellar.

You can employ somebody to do it for you and it can be justified regardless of the additional cost to truly seal things in. In any case, climate stripping is likewise a DIY venture that is truly fundamental for generally mortgage holders. You can discover materials and packs on the web or at your nearby handyman shop. The normal cost is around $200 – $300 for a whole house. This can be pretty much costly, in the event that you do it without anyone else’s help or contract somebody to weatherize your log lodge for you.

With everything taken into account, it merits investing the push to ensure your log lodge is all around secured as the years progressed. Particularly through winter, when wood can be harmed the most.

The is an outstanding maker of wooden garden structures. This privately-owned company focuses on a top-notch generation, as well as on cheerful clients.

Latest trends in Mobile App Development 2018

After a fruitful 2017, the versatile application industry is good to go to take up and address difficulties in 2018. The portable improvement situation is en route to developing and winding up more easy to use. It goes for the mix of business needs and specialized issues.

Versatile Application Performance Manager

Involvement in the most recent year uncovers that however, the application showcase has performed well, there is less number of applications downloads per client. Designers are currently taking a gander at applications that connect with and fulfill clients and furthermore empower customary utilization of their applications. The point is to make them in fact sound and all the while incrementing the interest for utilizing.

Blockchain innovation

The sudden and fleeting ascent being used of Bitcoins has energized enthusiasm for versatile blockchain innovation. Designers are prepared to lock on to this intrigue. Their one concern is deciding the advantages of utilizing the new innovation to trade the old SQL database for individual applications.

Machine Learning

Apple’s Core ML Library has presented work in ML models. This gives engineers an advantageous method to incorporate ML innovation in iOS applications. in 2018 application designers are relied upon to use this preferred standpoint.


Chatbots were propelled in 2016. They made informing stages utilizing the bot to be utilized on sites. This year these bots are set to grow their space to mobiles. Designers think that its simple to utilize chatbots. They neither need to learn new interface nor do they have to create local applications that need customary refreshing.

Android Instant App

This new contestant is probably going to wind up a most loved for the current year. It needs no establishment and is perfect for all OS.We also have 3ds emulator android This emulator is developed and very well designed so that we can play Nintendo 3ds games on all android devices. A user can play any game just by adding Bios Files The likelihood of inserting it in Google web indexes goes about as included preferred standpoint.

Enhanced Mobile Page

Google AMP makes web perusing on mobiles speedier. Areas are utilizing AMP to reach and connect with more clients. More applications are relied upon to change over to AMP to use advantage.

5G is en route

5G is prepared to convey speed. It will work up to sixty times speedier than the present 4G innovation. This new system is to take off gradually with the USA based specialist organizations leading the pack.

Return of the Cloud

2018 will see cloud-based applications ascend to an incredible 89%. Distributed storage is secure. It clears space on gadgets and does not eat into gadget memory making it a favored stockpiling for private and business utilize. Portable Backend as a Service takes into account information to move forward and backward from cloud to gadget effectively, advantageously and quick.

Wearables will keep on growing this year. Security concerns will be a piece of application advancement as an ever increasing number of exchanges are performed utilizing mobiles. Designers will be occupied with growing increasingly on-request applications as their use increments and new businesses start to take a gander at these as a methods for achieving clients. Virtual reality and Augmented Reality applications will see an expansion sought after and will

How they let us know about Horoscope

How they let us know about Horoscope

Horoscopes are perused by the greater part of individuals to discover what’s in store for them. They feel more engaged to manage the obscure when they are rationally arranged to confront those conditions.
Horoscope for the local is set up by utilizing the situation of the planets and stars with the connection to each other, at the season of the local’s introduction to the world.
When composing general horoscopes for various individuals, Sun signs are contemplated. Such horoscopes give you a general thought of what sort of identity you have and anticipate noteworthy occasions throughout your life.
Prior, one must be within the sight of a soothsayer to discover what the future held for them. It was not possible to check what the day would resemble, as stargazers would just anticipate a portion of the real happenings in the local’s life.
Today, on account of innovation, one can read their horoscope on the cell phones by downloading applications that are effectively accessible on the web. While a significant number of these applications are paid ones, there are a lot of good applications that likewise give free horoscope readings at the touch of the fingers. These horoscopes give every day, week by week, month to month and yearly expectations.
Day by day horoscopes are refreshed once a day and understanding it toward the beginning of the day can enable one to be set up to confront the day in a positive way. An additional appeal to them is that these are free horoscopes.
A genuine day by day horoscope expectation depends on the development of the moon as it is the quickest moving ‘prophetic planet’. This is on account of the moon changes signs each two to over two days. The moon is viewed as the third most essential ‘planet’ in a crystal gazing birth diagram, after the Sun and the ascendant.
Out of the different planets impacting our lives, the moon affects our dispositions and feelings. It changes a person’s conduct. So the Moon’s continuous travels, thusly, changes our inclinations and feelings from every day, affecting our work and connections. We are on our best conduct and most vivacious when we are coordinating with the vitality of the moon. Nowadays end up being fortunate, on the off chance that one intends to begin a relationship, go for a meeting, apply for a raise and so on. The bona fide everyday horoscopes depend on which house the moon is traveling through, for the local’s sign.
Crystal gazers examine the distinctive cycles of the moon while composing the day by day horoscope. The cycle of the moon as it experiences the twelve indications of the zodiac affects both the individual and his/her condition thus does its cycle from full moon to full moon, which takes around 29 and half days to cover. Generally, the waxing periods of the moon demonstrate that things are developing or fresh starts are occurring and the local has more vitality than under different circumstances. Then again, a fading moon shows a period of reduction, a period when things will end and for the most part less vitality for exercises.


For any diagnostic system to work effectively, it must possess reliability and validity. Reliability means that there is good consistency over time and between different people’s diagnosis of the same patient; the latter is known as inter-judge (or inter-rater) reliability. If a diagnosis of schizophrenia is valid then patients who are diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia must have the disorder. If a diagnostic system is to be valid, it must also have high reliability. Clearly if a disorder cannot be agreed upon (so low reliability) then all of the different views cannot be correct (so low validity). Whereas a diagnostic system can be reliable but not valid—it can produce consistently wrong diagnoses.
In terms of classification, DSM-IV and ICD-10 take a categorical approach, which assumes that all mental disorders are distinct from each other, and that patients can be categorised with a disorder based on their having particular symptoms. However, diagnosing abnormality is not as straightforward as this approach suggests.

Issues in the classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia: Comorbidity

This refers to a patient who suffers from two or more mental disorders at the same time. Patients with schizophrenia often have other disorders such as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder or an anxiety disorder. Comorbidity happens because some symptoms are the same across disorders. This creates problems of reliability as there can be inconsistency in which disorder is diagnosed.

  • Sim et al.’s (2006) study of 142 hospitalised schizophrenic patients, 32% of whom had an additional mental disorder.


Issues in the classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia: The continuity approach

This suggests that there is a continuum between schizophrenia and normality.

  • Chapman et al. (1994, see A2 Level Psychology page 381) have found evidence for schizotypy, which is a proneness to developing psychosis (especially schizophrenia). This supports the continuity hypothesis and reduces the reliability with which schizophrenia is diagnosed.


The five types of schizophrenia

The five types raise issues of reliability and validity:

  • Some of the types of schizophrenia have no symptoms in common, which questions if they can be the same disorder.
  • The undifferentiated schizophrenia type raises issues of reliability and validity because it is basically a “rag bag” category for all those patients with schizophrenia who are hard to classify. There is such diversity of symptoms that two patients with undifferentiated schizophrenia might have no common symptoms.
  • Another issue is residual schizophrenia. There can be inconsistency in judgements as to whether schizophrenia cases have reduced sufficiently to be categorised as residual. It can also be difficult to decide if the patient has recovered or still has residual schizophrenia.

Rosenhan’s (1973) research on “being sane in insane places”
  • Rosenhan (1973, see A2 Level Psychology pages 382–383) found hospital staff could not distinguish between the sane and the insane. This was because they failed to detect pseudo-patients who had faked symptoms (reported hearing indistinct voices saying “empty”, “hollow”, and “thud”) to gain admittance to 12 different psychiatric hospitals and once admitted behaved in a normal manner and said they had no further symptoms to the hospital staff. Seven out of eight participants were diagnosed with schizophrenia. This clearly questions the reliability and validity of diagnosis.


  • Errors made in diagnosis may not be representative of diagnosis under more typical circumstances as psychiatrists do not expect people to fake mental illness. Kety (1974, see A2 Level Psychology pages 382–383) has countered this by pointing out that if a patient faked physical symptoms, then they may similarly be mistakenly diagnosed with a physical illness.
  • The psychiatrists may not have been completely convinced. The pseudo-patients were given a very rare diagnosis of “schizophrenia in remission” and most were released in a few days, which suggests the psychiatrists were unconvinced that the patients had really suffered from schizophrenia.


Content validity

This refers to the extent to which an assessment measure covers the range of symptoms of schizophrenia. Thus, the diagnostic manuals have content validity if they provide detailed information regarding all of the symptoms of schizophrenia.

  • Jakobsen et al. (2005, see A2 Level Psychology pages 383–384) used the Operational Criteria Checklist (OPCRIT), a symptom checklist with a glossary providing clear and explicit descriptions of the symptoms, to study patients with a history of psychosis. There was good agreement on the diagnosis of schizophrenia when the diagnoses of OPCRIT were compared against those of ICD-10, indicating a high level of reliability.


  • There was also good agreement (and thus high reliability) when ICD-10 and DSM-IV diagnoses were compared. Both of these findings support content validity as the findings suggest they have sufficient detail of symptoms for accurate diagnosis.
  • Measures such as standard semi-structured interviews or the Operational Criteria Checklist possess good content validity. This is because they involve working through all of the symptoms associated with schizophrenia and with other related mental disorders.


Criterion validity

Any form of assessment for schizophrenia possesses good criterion validity if those diagnosed as having schizophrenia differ in predictable ways from those not diagnosed as schizophrenic.

  • Comer (2001, see A2 Level Psychology page 384) found that people with schizophrenia are much less likely than non-schizophrenics to be in full-time employment and to have a strong social network.
  • This provides some support for criterion validity but it is not especially convincing. This is because individuals suffering from almost any mental disorder are more likely than healthy individuals to experience social, relationship, and job problems, and so this doesn’t distinguish schizophrenics from patients with other mental disorders.


The onset of schizophrenia is typically in the late teens and the mid-30s. About 1% of the population of cultures suffers from schizophrenia during their lives. The symptoms vary somewhat but typically include problems with attention, thinking, social relationships, motivation, and emotion.

Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Physical/ behavioral symptoms:

  • Schizophrenics may experience psychomotor poverty (lack of movement) and in extreme cases catatonia, when awkward postures are assumed and the schizophrenic remains motionless in this position for hours at a time. They can exhibit “waxy flexibility” during which their body can be manipulated into different positions.
  • Schizophrenics may fall into a catatonic stupor, during which they lie motionless and appear unaware of their surroundings but are fully conscious throughout.
  • Or increased motor activity can occur, such as stereotypy, purposeless, and repetitive movement.
  • Disorganised, chaotic, and bizarre behavior can be linked to other symptoms, e.g. covering up all the windows with black paper as a result of cognitive disturbance.

Perceptual symptoms:

  • Hallucinations: auditory hallucinations are most common when the schizophrenic hears voices that are often abusive or offer a critical running commentary on their behavior.
  • Visual, smell, and taste hallucinations may also be experienced but are less common.

Cognitive symptoms:
Thought disorders include delusions and thought interference.

  • Delusions of grandeur, persecution, paranoia, and control (sometimes known as alien control symptoms as the schizophrenic believes that their behavior is under external control) can occur, which can develop during the course of the illness into an increasingly complex web of delusion.
  • Thought insertion (a belief that ideas are being planted in their mind), withdrawal (the belief that thoughts are being removed from their mind), and broadcasting (a belief that others can “tune into” their thoughts) can occur—these are collectively known as thought interference symptoms.
  • Cognitive impairments include intellectual deficits in learning and memory.
  • Most evident are the language impairments such as repeating sounds (echolalia), inventing words (neologisms), jumbled speech (word salad), and nonsensical rhyming (clang associations). The speech is characterized by incoherence and abrupt changes of topic due to cognitive distractibility (inability to maintain a train of thought).

Social symptoms:
Schizophrenics usually show social withdrawal and may have always lacked social skills. They have little interest in social interactions and do not gain pleasure from them, and so may be aloof, reclusive, and emotionally distant even before the onset of the disorder.

Emotional/mood symptoms:

  • Symptoms can include a lack of emotion (emotional blunting) or inappropriate affect (e.g. giggling when told of bereavement).
  • One-third of patients suffer depressive symptoms and one in eight patients meet the criteria for a mood disorder as well as schizophrenia and so tend to be diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. Apathy and a lack of drive, interest, personal care, and hygiene are common and can be linked to the depressed state.


Classification of Schizophrenia

DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 4th edition; see A2 Level Psychology page 378), which is the American classification system, and ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases), the tenth edition of which was published by the World Health Organization in 1992 (ICD-10; see A2 Level Psychology page 378), are the two most common classification systems.

The DSM-IV diagnostic criteria are:

  1. Two or more of the symptoms identified above for a period of over 1 month. One symptom only is needed if the delusions are bizarre or if the hallucination is critical and abusive of the individual’s behavior.
  2. The disturbance must be evident over a significant period of time, at least 6 months, including 1 month of pronounced symptoms.
  3. The symptoms must have led to a failure to function in social and occupational roles.

The ICD-10 criteria are very similar to those used in DSM-IV. The main difference being DSM-IV requires evidence of continuous disturbance for at least 6 months, whereas ICD-10 requires that symptoms must be present for most of the time over a 1-month period.

Types of schizophrenia

DSM-IV identifies five types of schizophrenia: disorganized, catatonic, paranoid, undifferentiated, and residual.
Another common classification is into the positive symptoms (hallucinations, delusions, thought disturbances) of type I schizophrenia or acute disturbance; and the negative symptoms (lack of interest, emotion, motivation, social withdrawal) or type II schizophrenia or chronic disturbance.